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Support Pontchartrain Conservancy this year

There has not been a time when our coastal crisis has been more urgent. Your donations provide resources for:

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Pontchartrain Conservancy

2020 has been a hard reminder of where we’re vulnerable, and where more action is needed.

In Louisiana, we’ve endured some of the most heartbreaking impacts of the COVID‐19 pandemic. Thousands of lives have been lost. Our economy has been devastated. Twice as many Louisianans have lost their jobs during the pandemic than during Katrina. It is also the most active hurricane season in history. Communities whose way of life had already been threatened by coastal land loss across the state are scrambling to rebuild and recover. With 30 named storms this year, it’s clear that more challenges lie ahead.

At Pontchartrain Conservancy, the research and advocacy we conduct strengthens our region’s ability to withstand and rebuild in the face of environmental disasters. The education we provide creates a new generation of environmental stewards and excites young people to pursue STEM careers.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Canal Lighthouse helped generate important revenue for our organization through tours, gift shop sales, and event rentals. As a result of the pandemic, these incoming funds have dwindled to nearly nothing, yet we continue to incur operating expenses for the facility.

Your gift to Pontchartrain Conservancy enables our region‐‐its communities and its economy‐‐to be more resilient. You love Southeast Louisiana, and you want future generations to love it too.

Your donation means:

Students across Southeast Louisiana learn about environmental science in fun, hands‐on virtual field trips and lessons led by their teachers.

Your gift empowers our Education Department to keep opening minds to the importance of science and the environment, equipping our children to pursue careers locally that make a difference for our region and our planet.

Our scientists advance research to understand what is needed to protect our community in the face of storms and other effects of climate change to help build a resilient, prosperous region that can recover from disasters. A region that shows the world how to live in peace with water. That balances the needs of the economy with the needs of our environment to create a sustainable future.

The New Canal Lighthouse can continue to provide out-of-state visitors and locals with education focused on Lake Pontchartrain’s water quality, habitats, history, and the science of protecting our region from hurricane damage.

Your gift today to Pontchartrain Conservancy makes a real difference in the future of our region, and our world.

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