Help Clarice send the Clampetts home so she can be happy as a clam should be!

Behind every happy clam is a Louisianian like you who loves our way of life.

Help Clarice send the Clampetts home so she can be happy as a clam should be! image


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Behind every happy clam is a Louisianian like you who loves our way of life.

Find out why Clarice the Clam is steamed this holiday season!

Have you ever had a house full of relatives for the holidays?

At first, it’s nice, isn’t it? You see how much the kids have grown. You catch up on family gossip. And of course all the food and cheer is wonderful.

But then, it’s time for them to leave. Don’t you agree?

Well, my in-laws, the Clampetts, can’t leave—and I’m steamed!

They’re from down the bayou. They lost their habitat during Hurricane Ida—and moved in with me!

Holy shell! I never thought coastal land loss would affect me! Did you?

Louisianians (including clams!) have seen environmental damage before.

Like that time, years ago, when Lake Pontchartrain was so dirty it was off limits for swimming or fishing. That’s because shell dredging was scooping up my ancestors to use in construction! We clams are great at cleaning water, so guess what? Once we were gone, the lake became polluted.

Fortunately you and the folks at Pontchartrain Conservancy put an end to the dredging. We got back to work. The lake was clean again. You were happy and we were happy as—well, you know….

But now a different problem means my in-laws are out-staying their welcome.

Only you can help send them home so they can get back to work.

With a donation today you could help restore the habitat lost in Ida’s path. The Pontchartrain Conservancy uses science to produce land-saving solutions that work. They are restoring habitat all over south Louisiana, often with a 90%+ success rate!

Did you know clean water is one way to help prevent land loss? It’s true! When you help clams clean the water, you’re helping people too!

I'm writing today to ask you not to be shellfish as you welcome your holiday visitors this year. When you wave goodbye to them, remember, the Clampetts are still here with me!

By helping to restore coastal land, you could help send my mother-inlaw Clementine back home. She criticizes everything I do, and Grandma Clammy is just so crabby. And these kids! They’re always clamoring for my attention!

This holiday your kindness and care, together with your gift, could help prevent another clamity of lost wetlands. With increasing land loss, the next unwelcome in-laws could be yours!

The sooner PC can restore the habitat of the Clampetts, the sooner I'll finally be able to clam down and relax. Thank you for helping me survive my in-laws and restore the coast so they can Go Home!



p.s. Your gift today could help prevent your in-laws from showing up on your doorstep with the next hurricane. You might want to act soon...

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